Lonely roads, scarce life, no vegetation; where are we? Amid deserts where the horizon meets, you and only you remain. A camp in the lap of nature: so barren yet so subtle. You have all the time in the world to spend on yourself. Precious time, which you yearned for…

A proper camel Safari in the Desert can only experience all these. The thought finding oneself between the sea of sand is itself mesmerizing. The hobbies of royalties of Rajasthan have come within the reach of the masses. Jeep safari is also worth taking in Jaisalmer if you are a fun loving and adventurous creature.

Deepak Rest House has been arranging camel safaris since 1984 for our guests. Within the years we have come to realise that tourist vary in their needs.we also offer camel safaris around the main touristic spots around Jaisalmer and the Sam Sanddunes.
We are recognized by the Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of Rajasthan and for seeking out remote locations and providing fringe amenities - like real mattresses and sheets. Our staff would take great pleasure in showing you our special part of India - in an environmentally we offer special camel safari see (